Bring Home Luxury and Good Health with Waterbeds

The benefits of using waterbeds are manifold not only for your home décor but also for your health and overall well being. Since the inception of waterbeds early in 19th century, waterbeds have vastly gained explosive popularity among all types of homeowners, new and old. Not only this, they have now evolved as a trend and most of the homeowners have a great zeal for waterbeds. Built on water disembodiment technology, standard waterbeds ensure stellar support to offer restful sleep. With a wide array of waterbeds available on the market, it becomes intricate for homeowners to bring the best one for them. Moreover, one should never compromise with the price when it comes to bring a product that ensures great sleep at night.


What to consider?

Waterbeds can be distinguished into two categories including hard-side and soft-side beds. As far as comfort is concerned, assortment of the type of bed entirely depends upon the preference of the customer. Featuring a water-filled mattress and a wooden frame, hard-side waterbed mattress is comparatively larger than traditional mattresses. Such waterbed mattresses are generally fixed on plywood and hold by a platform. However, homeowners are  required to purchase a sheet and bedding from a bedding supplier such as Precious Bedding in order to fix waterbeds perfectly. Components that come together with hard-side waterbeds include a safety liner, platform, heater, frame and vinyl mattress.

Soft-side waterbeds are really embellished with a study foam liner that completely covers the water mattress and can be zippered into the fabric casing to hold it all together. The mattress is fixed towards the top of the platform and rests on a metal frame that bears a resemblance to box spring on a regular/conventional bed. When it comes to the sizes, soft-side waterbed mattresses are extremely similar to conventional mattress sizes, so you can use the same size bedding as well as sheets. The good thing is that waterbeds come in different sizes and shapes from double to single and king sizes and even more! In addition, you can design them the way you want, like a box, rectangle or oval too!  Although, when you have an oval or circle bed, you will need to find fitting oval or round bed sheets.

You also need to consider the size of your waterbeds.  Waterbeds typically come in three sizes:  king, queen and super single.   The king sizes are actually not the same dimensions as a regular king bed.  Regular king beds require sheet sets that are designed for beds 80 inches long and 76 inches wide.  A king waterbed is made longer so that it is 84 inches long.  They are also skinnier with a width of 72 inches.  It is because of this that a regular sheet set isn’t going to fit right.  For king waterbeds, you should check out king waterbed sheets at  For everyone that has a queen size waterbed, it’s pretty easy.  The sizes do not change for twin.  Super single sizes are actually very uncommon in conventional beds.  This size is usually just reserved for waterbeds but conventional super single waterbeds to exist.  They’re just pretty rare.  Typically, the biggest difference between the conventional sheet sets and water sets is that the conventional sets do not have an attached pocket at the corner of the bottom edge of the fitted sheet to guarantee that the corners of the fitted sheet do not ride up the side of the bed.

How waterbeds are good for health?

Waterbeds give you support through baffle that further holds back waves in mattress. Nowadays, most of the waterbeds make use of hydraulic cylinders, fibers and cells in order to reduce water movement, which probably means that water can give better support to your back, legs or neck. Maximum numbers do not acclimatize to the fact that resistance they get from water is not uncomfortable but semi-firm. Moreover, displacement of water moves with the movement of body in spite of pushing you against it.

Waterbeds also provide floatation support that relieves your bone or muscle pain, which increases with age. For those who have undergone orthopedic surgery or suffering from poor circulation, heated waterbeds have come up as a godsend. Hot water not only relaxes your muscles but also relives your arthritis pain and increases blood circulation. People who often feel pain or stiffness in morning must consider buying waterbeds to get rid of this dilemma. This is because, people who wake up fresh in the morning remain cheerful throughout the day.

A pregnant woman often faces difficulty in sleeping, as they cannot lie down on stomachs. But, experts have proved that waterbeds’ therapeutic fix does not harms women when they lay down on stomachs while sleeping. With numbers of benefits, waterbed is a must buy for your dream home, as it ensures luxury and good health at the same time.


In conclusion, waterbeds can me a great bed for both comfort and relaxation.  It’s sort of like being on a gentle, rocking boat, all night long.

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